Tina Beauvais, Founder and CEO

Tina is a "Mompreneur", who started EmBraced In Comfort in 2009, in response to her daughter's need for more comfortable and functional undergarments to wear under her Scoliosis Brace. Tina has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, and, prior to starting EIC, she worked with companies around the world to implement effective manufacturing strategies. Tina also learned to sew at a young age, working alongside her Mother, Cynthia (dec), who had her Masters in Apparel Design and Textiles. Tina's Father was an Engineer. EmBraced In Comfort is a perfect marriage of both sewing and Engineering skills, as well as part of Tina's mission to help others who have gone through what she and her family have gone through in their Scoliosis journey. Tina has been married to Andrew, who is a middle school and high school principal, athletic director, and varsity coach, since 1998. They have two children - Cynthia, who was diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 6 and Vaughn, who was diagnosed at age 5. Andrew also has Scoliosis and was diagnosed when he was 16. In addition to managing her business, Tina is a full-time student at Wartburg Seminary, where she is pursuing a Masters in Divinity, on track to become an ELCA Lutheran Pastor. She also plays violin, keyboard, sings and is active in the community theater, having played various roles both onstage and as a Director. In addition, she has her black belt in Tang Soo Do.
You can get to know her family better at Her family Scoliosis support blog, or on the EmBraced In Comfort facebook page.
Phone: 989-575-3000 or 248-880-4851 (cell - texting welcome)
Tina and EmBraced In Comfort in the news:
O&P Edge, April 2013
Tina Beauvais Awarded the prestigious AATCC Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2014
Small Business Development Center of Michigan Featured Success Story
ABC News, Flint, MI
Scoliosis Quarterly, Fall 2014 Issue

Jennifer Peckham, Production Assistant & Head of Order Management
Jennifer has been with EIC since October of 2016. She brings years of sewing experience to the team and is a collector of vintage sewing machines. Jennifer has two beautiful daughters and has been married to EIC’s “hunky handyman”, Bryan, for 26 years. She’s also been a Girl Scout leader for many years. Jennifer is an incredibly hard worker, with a memory of steel. She keeps things running smoothly, keeping your orders organized and moving through the workshop in a timely manner. She has an excellent eye for detail and a heart of gold. She keeps us entertained with witty stories and is our “resident Mom”, because she has great advice about nearly everything and is a great listener. She loves that she can make a difference in her job, stitching comfort into nearly every garment that goes out the door.

Debra Zamora, Production Assistant & Head of Special Projects
Debra is our resident Jester. She has a Masters in Puns and a PhD in Sarcasm. She has been with EIC since October of 2016. She keeps us on our toes and helps us to remember to not take life too seriously. Deb has a husband Rick of 32 years, one son serving our country in the Marines, and one son in heaven. Her blood runs red, white, and blue. She also has a business designing and making jewelry and a budding talent in photography! Although she likes to joke around, Deb is a seriously hard worker and she literally runs all day to keep things moving through the shop. She has her hand in nearly every order that goes out the door and will pitch in with whatever is needed, including special projects for our outside production clients and our social media content. She juggles tasks just like a good jester would juggle in the Queen’s court and life around EIC would be extremely boring without her!

Shelby Bean, Production Assistant & Dye Specialist
Shelby is a college student at Delta College. She is pursuing a degree in art. Shelby is in charge of inspection, packaging, and shipping operations for EIC. She is also in charge of fabric dying, helping to formulate colors and maintain quality fabric dye runs. Her time outside of EIC is spent on school, working multiple jobs, cultivating her artistic talents, and enjoying all things dark and scary.

Cynthia Beauvais, Supplemental Helper
Cynthia is a college student at Central Michigan University. She is also the original inspiration for EIC! Cynthia helps out when she is home from school on breaks - with shipping, inspecting, or with any other odd jobs that need to be done. Cynthia is pursuing a degree in psychology. Her hobbies include playing the clarinet, singing, participating in community theater, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Vaughn Beauvais, Supplemental Helper
Vaughn is a high school student. He is also the original inspiration for our line of products for males! Vaughn helps out whenever extra help is needed - mostly working on the facilities and helping with lawn care and snow removal. His hobbies include being on his computer, online gaming, and playing Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Andrew Beauvais, CFO, Supplemental Helper & Heavy Lifter
Andrew is the acting CFO of EIC, and, although he is less involved in the day-to-day, he still plays an active consulting role when needed. He's been married to Tina since 1998 and is her main partner in this adventure and her main source of support. In addition, he helps lift all the heavy things that need to get into the shop. Andrew's hobbies include computer gaming, weight lifting, and coaching all sports (currently Girls Varsity Basketball). He also excels at cooking Tina dinner when she's super busy (always) and is master dishwasher at casa Beauvais.

Casey Hickey, Supplemental Helper

Casey is one of our supplemental helpers, ready to jump in and help if the order level gets higher than usual. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 13 years, and has three children, ages 7, 8, and 11. She has her degree in Child Development and has worked with children since she was 15, including previously running her own daycare center. Her hobbies are scrapbooking, gardening, and leading her Girl Scout Troop into awesome adventures! Her willing spirit and fun loving attitude are infectious and she has a lot of fun hanging with the "Big Kids" at EIC when she is called in.