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"I was diagnosed with scoliosis awhile ago. I wore the brace for two years in high school and then had scoliosis surgery. About 2 weeks ago, I had to have corrective surgery to resolve some hardware issues and am now in a brace AGAIN for 4 months. My mom was researching online and found your website (I think yours may have been the ONLY website she could find) and ordered a few shirts just to try under the brace and they are absolutely wonderful. SO soft and well made and cover all the areas that are problem areas with braces in general as you well know. I am so thankful that you have started this company and that you make such great products!! I'm happy to say that I just ordered my second shipment of undershirts because I love them so much. They also are incredibly forgiving in terms of the kinds of clothes you can wear over them given the wide neckline. I also like that you can fold up the long shirts to cover some of the bulkiness of the lower part of the brace. I had a boston brace initially but now have kind of a modified one since it doesn't necessarily need to correct the scoliosis this time just hold it in place while my spine refuses together. I just wanted to thank you for creating a wonderful product!! Also, I am now a pediatrician and if I ever have any patients who require bracing, I will definitely refer them to your site for your products." ~ E.B., M.D.

"We were so pleased to find the product offerings of EmBraced In Comfort. The brace undershirts are not an easy item to find and being able to custom order them has been great. My son finds them very comfortable and they help protect his skin from rubbing and chafing. The undershirts wash and wear well, I would highly recommend the longer fit for Boston Brace wearers." ~ P.C., Mother of Boston Brace patient

I wanted to say that your bodysuit has made the whole Spinecor experience possible for us. Before, (one year so far) it was a nightmare of daily chafing, bleeding inner thighs and tears. It was a misery. You have thought of everything! The whole thing is comfortable and soft and has been a life-changing help to us. Your Embraced in Comfort design could only have been come up with by a loving mother whose own child has been through the struggle of daily wearing of a brace.” ~ C.M., Mother of Spinecor Patient

"Tina is a great seamstress, and of course the fact that her suits are custom fit to each individual makes a big difference, but they are definitely the most comfortable of any on the market. The reversal of certain seams and the cut of the legs reduces chaffing and the discomfort of the elastic shorts directly on sensitive skin areas. Tina is very supportive, flexible and a pleasure to work with." ~ MB, Spinecor patient