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Hi. My name is Tina, and I'm a Mom of two young scoliosis patients and the wife of a not-so-young one! My daughter was 6 when we brought her home from the Orthopedic Surgeon with a 35 degree curve and from the orthotist with a shiny new Spinecor brace. My first question to the Orthotist was, "How will she use the potty in that?" His response was a sympathetic, but apologetic, blank stare. He had done quite a few fittings for Spinecor braces, but definitely not for such a small patient who was still unable to work all of the straps and buckles on her own. He knew that this was an issue, but didn't have a good answer for me at the time. So, I went online, only to find out that other parents, while having some very creative solutions to the problem, didn't have solutions that I thought were good for us. I needed a bodysuit to go under the entire brace, that did not leave holes for rubbing and chaffing, that would feel as comfortable as underwear for a picky 6-year-old princess, and that would allow her to use the restroom independently. It was a tall order, but, fortunately, God gave me an established toolbox of skills, and the biggest tool of all - prayer! In a couple of days, I had a working solution. Now, a few years later, I have honed the bodysuit into a workable solution for all patients in need, expanded our line to include t-shirts and shorts designed especially for brace-wearers, and developed separate male and female designs. We have sold to Scoliosis brace patients all over the world! I did not set out to start a business, but the prompting of many medical professionals encouraged me to make my product available for the masses. And, I'm happy to say I now have a US Patent on the bodysuit design! So, things have come a long way in a few short years, and I hope to get to know many of you in the years to come, to learn from your stories, and to help in any way that I can. I'm just a Mom, with an idea, who was blessed with the know-how to get it done.

Since starting my company, I have also branched out into consulting and product development for other people with great ideas, mainly in the medical industry - functional garments that need to be engineered as much as they need to be designed. If you have an idea and you need some help getting it made and to market, please email us at: comfort@embracedincomfort.com. We pride ourselves on building strong personal relationships with customers and clients.

Email: comfort@EmBracedInComfort.com
Phone: 989-575-3000 or 248-880-4851

You can get to know my family better at Our family Scoliosis support blog, or on our EmBraced In Comfort facebook page.

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